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May 25, 2020 3 min read

Preference for gold and silver is the common norm in jewelry choice. But the world is constantly evolving and it introduces us to fresh materials that are precious and attractive to use as prime jewelry. Now, the choice as an elite metal is passed on to tungsten.

What is Tungsten?

Tungsten is a chemical element that you can find in the periodic table. We also refer to it as wolfram. The origin of the name tungsten is from the Swedish phrase that means “heavy stone. This is the perfect description of tungsten’s strength and weight. 

Tungsten rings are dominating the jewelry world. One reason tungsten rings is popular is because they break away from the norm. They are something new and different. The usual gold is expensive while tungsten rings make very attractive yet affordable rings. These precious and beautiful metals are a great alternative to wear gorgeous jewelry pieces workout breaking the bank.

More and more people are loving and trusting tungsten rings because of their beauty, affordability and durability. You are on this page because tungsten rings have attracted you one way or another. And we agree. Tungsten rings are a superb choice whether for fashion or wedding bands for your loved one. 

Here are the solid facts you must know about tungsten rings:

  • Among metals, tungsten has the highest melting point
  • Tungsten is 10 times harder than 18K gold
  • Tungsten is harder than tool steel
  • Tungsten is 4 times harder than titanium
  • In the jewelry world, tungsten is the heaviest metal used
  • As a metal, tungsten is a hardest and most scratch-proof
  • Tungsten makes the most wear-resistant rings
  • In the Mohs hardness scale, the score of tungsten is between 8 and 9
  • Tungsten rings will keep their shine and luster longer than any material because of their hardness
  • You cannot bend tungsten rings
  • We also know tungsten rings as “Permanently Polished Rings”

These are just some significant facts you will love and enjoy about tungsten rings. Modern jewelry made of tungsten is vogue and fashion-forward. The sleek style and sophistication you can find in tungsten rings is one-of-a-kind. Tungsten rings are a favorite among men and now even women with sophisticated tastes. 

Any piece of jewelry must stand the test of time. If you are looking for excellent ring pieces, tungsten rings are the best fit for you. With their solid hardness and durability, you can’t contest the greatness of this marvelous metal. 

Deciding on what to buy as your jewelry piece need not be a challenge. We guarantee tungsten rings to serve their purpose longer than any other metal in the world. The reasons are obvious. If you want a good metal with low price and very high durability, tungsten it is!

Where You Can Buy High-Quality Tungsten Rings

Tungsten rings are so hot right now! Do not be left out. Get the best of the best and attract the attention of people with your fashion-forward and edgy tungsten ring. No matter what your priorities and values are, there are tungsten rings made just for you. 

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